There is a lot more to brushes than meets the eye. There are dozens of different types of brushes, each type has a specific use, and there are different bristles for every type of job. That's a lot to take in! The easiest place to start is a list of the basic janitorial brushes every foodservice operation needs:

Duster brush


For use on all surfaces to remove dust particles and boost visual appeal

Floor and wall brush

Floor and Wall Brush

For use on non-carpet floors and walls to remove grease and grime before mopping

Grout brush

Grout Brush

For use on tile floors to clear heavy dirt and grime from between tiles

Hand and nail brush

Hand and Nail Brush

Placed next to a stainless steel sink to promote proper hygiene when washing hands

Push broom

Push Broom

For clearing floors of dirt and dust before scrubbing and mopping

Toilet brush

Toilet Brush

Placed in restrooms next to the toilet to promote frequent and thorough cleaning and sanitation

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